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Authorised WeChat Pay Service Provider



Introducing MiPay

MiPay is an official partner of Tencent (WeChat)

We provide one-stop payment solutions for our clients.
Our vision is to become a premier financial services organisation by offering simple, efficient and safe payment solutions
to Chinese tourists as well as real time benefits for Australian Merchants.

MiPay Payment


Real-time conversion from RMB to AUD.

Catch Chinese Market

Instant access to 963 million WeChat users.

Secure & Quick

MiPay-exclusive POS hardware ensures transaction is done at lightning speed.

Customer Base Consolidation

Increase repeat sales and brand loyalty.

MiPay Marketing

Directly to Mainland China

Cross-Border Marketing at your fingertips.

Free Marketing

Positive shopping experience is shared between WeChat users in WeChat Moments and Groups at zero cost to your business.

WeChat Official Account

Next-Generation technology with minimal cost.

Rich Online Interaction

After-sales service cannot get easier with WeChat Official Account.

WeChat & WeChat Pay

WeChat Milestone

  • 902 Million MAU
  • 68 Million Moments shared per day
  • 38 Billion Messages sent per day
  • 790 Million MAU for official accounts
  • 280% year-on-year increase in WeChat Pay


35% of all time spent on mobile in China is in WeChat


1.2 Trillion US Dollars transacted with WeChay Pay


10 Million official accounts


400 Million MAU